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Our purpose

For the planning and operation of our tours to South America we first think about the ecosystem of the place, and the ways that tourism can support its conservation. At Ecoandes Travel, we work with the environment to leave a positive impact on each place we visit and on our passengers; that is, we create experiences together with the people of each place and learn about their culture, beliefs and gastronomy.


Our beginnings

EcoAndes Travel Oficinas
  • 1988

    Climbing mountains in the Cordillera of Peru, our founders Hugo and Mireya met to start a dream formed by the love of nature and exploration.
    Under the name of Pamir they started their first adventure trips where they both dedicated themselves to expeditions in the Andes Mountains.

  • 1991

    With more and more hikers joining the expeditions and more solid itineraries of adventure and culture, together they decided to venture out to participate in tourism fairs in Berlin, London, Spain and Holland; making friends all over the world.

  • 1997 - 2000

    As a result of their effort and dedication, the Hotel Fuente de Piedra and the fascinating Yacuma Ecolodge joined the Ecoandes family; properties that would later give way to the arrival of the tour operator Unigalapagos, the catamaran yacht Anahí and the Hotel Ikala Quito.

  • 2022

    Now our goal is to confirm ourselves as one of the best tourism services in Ecuador and Latin America and our objective is always to provide our guests with the best adventure experience.

A positive impact adventure

Our Pillars

Since 1991, we have been creating travel experiences that fuse adventure, culture and history in the most inspiring destinations in South America. Our motivation is to generate curiosity and interest in each traveler to explore this beautiful world, and to encourage the protection of each region of Latin America.

At EcoAndes Travel we understand the value of communities as a primary source of interaction with tourism. Our offer of travel packages to South America has processes of positive and conscious impact, where communities, nature and environmental protection are linked.

  • Vacaciones a la medida

    tailor-made vacations
    Based on your wishes, tastes and requirements, we create the perfect travel package to South America

  • Viajes con proposito

    travel with purpose
    We want to promote the cultures that inhabit this region; our South American tours promote the conservation of each place

  • experiencias unicas

    unique experiences
    On an adventure trip in South America enjoy the majestic ecosystems; from beaches to glaciers

  • asesoria personalizada

    personalized consulting
    Our team of professional consultants is available at any time to help you design your private tour to South America.



Cordillera de los Andes. Andes Highlands