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Walking in the middle of beautiful salt flats is an unforgettable ride. The fantastic landscapes and ample wildlife make Bolivia one of the best destinations in South America, besides its greatest value is the respect for the cultural diversity that inhabits the whole country. Before visiting Bolivia you should know that the Altiplano region consists of La Paz, Oruro and Potosi, favorite places for visitors to tour the Andes and learn about their culture and tradition. Traveling to Bolivia you will see outstanding places such as Tiwanaku, the highest city of the ancient world, Lake Titicaca and the lowlands of this country are covered with plains, rainforests, rivers and lakes. Here you will find Santa Cruz de la Sierra where every September important commercial, cultural and musical fairs are held at regional level.

What is the best time to visit Bolivia?

These are the climatic seasons of Bolivia, each season has its own charm to experience.

Summer in La Paz:
Around December to March

Dry season in Lake Titicaca/Tiwanaku:
Around June, July and August


Bolivian peso

300 000 km2

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