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Crossing a country of magic and inspiring stories is the natural Andean region formed by valleys, canyons and plateaus inhabited by a great diversity of cultures, here the paisas known as the troubadours of the region, tell us stories of the history of their land. The landscapes in the Pacific coast are composed of Chocó jungles and of course the rivers and streams that flow into the sea. Imagine enjoying a tropical climate with reptiles, amphibians and diverse birds and in the sea if you arrive in the wet season you will surely see a humpback whale giving birth to its sperm whales. To breathe the aroma of the Caribbean we must go to the north of Colombia, this region bathed by the Pacific Ocean has a cheerful and colorful cultural identity, its beach, its people, its music and gastronomy are the cradle of the magical realism of Gabriel García Márquez. The eastern plains make up the Orinoco, in this place we will find the most beautiful river that exists in the world; visiting the Caño Cristales or the river of the five colors is like seeing a liquid rainbow on earth. In the middle of the Pacific and Atlantic oceans are the Colombian islands, its paradisiacal beaches invite you to take a break and enjoy these natural sanctuaries. To finish with the incredible scenery of this country we have the Amazon jungle; here you can walk through green forests, meet and learn the customs and rituals of some indigenous communities that live in harmony with exotic species of flora and fauna.

What is the best time to visit Colombia?

These are the climatic seasons of Colombia, each season has its own charm to experience.

Wet season on the Atlantic Coast and the Eastern Plains
Around April to October.

Dry season on the Atlantic Coast
Around November to March.

Wet season in the Andes and Valleys
Around March to May and September to October.

Dry season in the Andes and Valleys
Around June to September and December to March.

Wet season in the Pacific and Amazon regions
Throughout the year.


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