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Explore the country of the four worlds, when visiting Ecuador you will encounter an amazing diversity of cultures, ecosystems and species; starting on the coast, we will take you surfing and snorkeling, you will enjoy the sea breeze and the coastal heat that will accompany you during the passage through the mangroves and estuaries. If we continue east, we will reach the Andean páramos, where water is born for the life of the country and the continent. The road is fascinating; the relief of the mountains and large trees accompany travelers to the national parks. There we might see paramo wolves, white-tailed deer and with some luck a condor will soar through the skies. In the east of the country we will take you to a pure natural spectacle: the Ecuadorian Amazon, home of pink dolphins, howler monkeys, thousands of birds, butterflies and colorful amphibians. Finally, you could also explore the Galapagos Islands as an extension of your time in Ecuador.

What is the best time to visit Ecuador?

These are the climatic seasons of continental Ecuador and Galapagos, each season has its own charm to live.

Wet season in Quito
Around December to May

Dry season in Quito
Around June to November

Wet season in Galapagos
Around December to May

Dry season in Galapagos
Around June to December


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256,370 km²

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We have some ideas about itineraries that you might like; review them with your companions and take some of them, or let’s build your travel itinerary together.

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