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Simone Zomerdijk

Simone Zomerdijk


Dear Jackie, I hope all is well in Ecuador! Today I did call our mutual client Diana Karsten to ask how she did experience the trip to Ecuador. I have some good news, she told me she did have an EXCELLENT trip! I was quite surprised after your email, but also very happy to hear this of course. She told me she did love the country & its people. Everybody was so friendly & helpfull. Also, the country is relatively good developed for wheelchair in her opinion, with wheelcar toilets at every gasstation. Also in the cities, the pavement is suited for wheelchairs. She was very happy with the service from Jackie, who did come to the hotel on the first night and helped afterwards. She did like meeting Hugo, with whom she did speak about ITB and how Hugo & I discussed her trip :) She loved the jungle trip, and also Galapagos. She was impressed with the English of the driver (thanks!!!) and with the fact that the guide on Galapagos did go with them from Island to Island. So that's really good news. What a pity that on the tour itself she was so emotional, and not so friendly sometimes. But that must be her way of getting around, and it must be hard being in a wheelchair. Anyway, I do want to THANK YOU VERY MUCH for all the work & help you did give for this booking! Kind regards from a sunny Amsterdam,

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