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You will begin your tour by exploring the city of La Paz, Bolivia’s seat of government. You can visit the historic center, Plaza Murillo and the Metropolitan Cathedral. You will also visit the famous Mercado de Brujas, where there is a wide variety of traditional and curious products.

We will drive you to Tiwanaku, an important pre-Inca archaeological site. Explore the ruins and admire the impressive structures such as the Akapana, Kalasasaya and Keri Kala Temples.

Then, you will immerse yourself in the history and culture of the Island of the Sun, located in Lake Titicaca. This place, according to Inca mythology, was the birthplace of the sun, enjoy the beautiful views of Lake Titicaca, visit the Inca temples and ruins and immerse yourself in the tranquil atmosphere of the island.

Easy 2/5


This experience is ideal for people in good physical condition, it has marked trails and little difficulty; on the way there may be rocky sections but they are still comfortable and easy with a slight difficulty.

Tours 360°

Complete exploration of a destination. These tours generally start from the capital cities to live an adventure of challenges and learning that goes around the whole country to return to the point where the tour began. It is like a 360° tour exploring each country.

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Arrival in La Paz and accommodation at the hotel of your choice.

Guided tour of the city of La Paz, visit to the Mercado de Brujas, the San Francisco church and several museums.

Transfer to Tiwanaku and visit the Akapana and Kalasasaya temples.

From Copacabana we will visit the ancestral Island of the Sun.

Copacabana City Tour

In La Paz we will transfer to the airport and this will be the end of the itinerary.

Additional Information:

Important notice: Due to external factors such as weather or road conditions, some activities in the itinerary may be subject to change.
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