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This incredible journey begins in Guayaquil, one of the most beautiful and important cities in the country. Here we will visit the Historical Park where the traditions and colonial architecture of the city are exposed, in the middle of a wild scenery next to the Guayas River. Then we will visit the center of the city and the picturesque neighborhood of Las Peñas.

Our journey continues to Cuenca, to admire the exquisite colonial architecture and visit the artisan neighborhoods; on the trip we will also visit Loja, a city known for being the birthplace of great artists, musicians and writers of Ecuador.

In the south of Ecuador we will visit the Podocarpus National Park to see a great diversity of birds in the middle of tropical mountains, from there we will arrive to Vilcabamba, a picturesque and legendary place for being the resting place of the Inca Empire.

Easy 2/5

This experience is ideal for people in good physical condition, it has marked trails and little difficulty; on the way there may be rocky sections but they are still comfortable and easy with a slight difficulty.

Tours 360°

Complete exploration of a destination. These tours generally start from the capital cities to live an adventure of challenges and learning that goes around the whole country to return to the point where the tour began. It is like a 360° tour exploring each country.

Sales prices per person in $USD

Number of Pax3* Hotel4* Hotel

Arrival in Guayaquil and accommodation at the hotel of your choice.

Tour of Guayaquil, its Historical Park, the city's avant-garde and the popular "Las Peñas" neighborhood.

This tour crosses the western Andes Mountains to explore the cultural city of Cuenca.

We move south to the city of Loja to get to know the land of Ecuadorian art as it is home to musicians and writers and artists.

Hiking in the Podocarpus National Park to learn about Ecuador's biodiversity and arrival in Vilcabamba, the town where 100-year-old Ecuadorians live.

The way back to the city of Cuenca leads us to enjoy once again the beauty of one of the most beautiful cities in the country.

End your adventure at the Quito airport or continue your adventure with an extension to another fabulous South American destination.

Additional Information:

Important notice: Due to external factors such as weather or road conditions, some activities in the itinerary may be subject to change.
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