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The first day of your adventure through the Ecuadorian capital will be full of emotions, the day will begin with a visit to the iconic Middle of the World monument, you and your travel companions will have the opportunity to learn more about the cultures that make up Ecuador and Take fun photos on the equator. Experience being in both hemispheres at the same time; Then they will visit the Intiñan Museum where the history of native cultures and their living practices are shown through dynamic exhibitions and scientific demonstrations. The adventure ends at Casa Agave where you will receive a delicious lunch and then you can tour the crops of the emblematic plantation.

During the second day that belongs to Quito in its historical and cultural version, you will go to the Plaza de la Independencia where you will see the best preserved architecture from the time of colonization and visit places such as the Church of La Concepción, Compañía de Jesús and the Basilica of the National Vote. After a delicious lunch at Claro Oscuro, in the afternoon you will be able to learn more about Quito art at the Guayasamín Museum, home to a vast collection of works.

Easy 2/5


This experience is ideal for people in good physical condition, it has marked trails and little difficulty; on the way there may be rocky sections but they are still comfortable and easy with a slight difficulty.

Tours 360°

Complete exploration of a destination. These tours generally start from the capital cities to live an adventure of challenges and learning that goes around the whole country to return to the point where the tour began. It is like a 360° tour exploring each country.

Middle of the World + Intiñan Museum + Casa Agave Tour, return.

City tour historic center + Guayasamín Museum.

Additional Information:

Important notice: Due to external factors such as weather or road conditions, some activities in the itinerary may be subject to change.
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